What's Working Now: How To Get Clients ...Even If Nobody's Ever Heard of You.

NOTICE: During this presentation, I'll reference personal sales figures. You should know that I've been a practicing direct response marketing consultant since 1999 and therefore have a significant advantage over someone without that background, experience, and history. My results are NOT EVEN REMOTELY TYPICAL and I'm in NO WAY implying that you'll achieve the same results I have. ALL BUSINESS REQUIRES A HUGE COMMITMENT. It's always harder than it seems. There will always be risks. Setbacks and frustration are guaranteed. No course, training, workshop, or seminar can ever change those facts. Furthermore, you should know that the average person who buys "how to" information gets no results of any kind ...and I'm certainly not guaranteeing you'll get any from mine. Your success is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ...just as my success is ultimately MY responsibility. I realize this is a lot of "hard truth" to hit you with all at once ...but that's exactly what it is. The truth. If you find it disagreeable, I understand ...but please DO NOT purchase the training offered at the end of this presentation if that's the case.